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Cooperate with students at AAU

Aalborg University's students in Aalborg, Esbjerg and Copenhagen have high disciplinary expertise in their subjects, as well as a wide range of general competencies related to group work and project work, and there are different ways for you to collaborate with them.

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It is a core element of AAU students to practise their professional knowledge and competencies. Problem-based learning is second nature to them, and they are accustomed to identifying challenges and making qualified suggestions for solutions.

Therfore, a cooperation with AAU students is mutually beneficial for both students and private businesses and public institutions.

AAU's students can contribute with their competencies and professional knowledge to help your business progress. 

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Opportunities for student collaboration at AAU

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If you would like to collaborate with AAU's students, but perhaps do not have a current need, sign up on our list for student collaboration. We will then reach out to you when we have relevant opportunities for you.

Sign up as a potential student collaboration partner with AAU

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