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Project collaboration with AAU students

Each semester, several thousand students at Aalborg University collaborate with companies on projects. The students work with a case from your company, and as the project partner, you will get a potential solution to a given challenge in your company.

The advantages of a project collaboration with AAU students

At AAU, the students are engaging in project work - often in groups. Therefore, as the project partner, you will be collaborating with one or more students on a project you need new eyes on. 

The project does not need to be specifically defined before the collaboration begins. It is a part of the AAU students' competencies to both define and solve the problem you are facing. 

Project collaboration with AAU students will give you:

  • Fresh input regarding current challenges or future projects with potential
  • Access to the latest specialised knowledge in a wide range of areas
  • The opportunity to enter your first collaboration with an academic
Be aware that a project collaboration is a learning process, not an employment.

Facts on project collaboration

  • It can take place either during the spring or autumn semester
  • The collaboration often begins in February or September
  • The duration of a project is usually 2-3 months
  • 10th semester theses often extends over a longer period of time
  • Most students and companies have 3-5 meetings - often with more meetings in the first half of the collaboration
  • Some students and companies are so satisfied with the collaboration that they continue collaborating in several semesters
  • We recommend that you contact AAU or post your project proposal in AAU Jobbank by the latest in January or August

Tips for a good project collaboration

  1. 1

    Make a plan for the process with the students

  2. 2

    Have a contact person available for the students, who have the appropriate knowledge

  3. 3

    Have a positive, on-going contact with the students

  4. 4

    Invite the students to a meeting after project hand-in, where  they can present their findings and ideas for you, and you can give them feedback, which they can use for their exam preparation

  5. 5

    Encourage the students to make a brief summary of the points in their project written in a non-academic language

Indicative timeline for a typical project collaboration at AAU:

How to write

a good project proposal

When you are looking for a project collaboration, the chance of success is bigger if the proposal advertisement is concrete, so that it is easy for the students to understand. We therefore recommend that you include information on all 6 points below.

In order to increase the readability of the job ad, it is also a good idea to divide the text into sections with space between them and insert sub-headings for each section.

More information on project collaboration with AAU students

Meet the students

Project fairs

At a project fair, you have the opportunity to meet students from a specific study and perhaps find a project group to collaborate with. We organise the project fairs so that there is the greatest possible success rate on matches between you and the students.

Sign up as a potential student collaboration partner

If you would like to collaborate with AAU's students, but perhaps do not have a current need, sign up on our list for student collaboration. We will then reach out to you when we have relevant opportunities for you.

Sign up as a potential student collaboration partner with AAU

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