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Get an AAU student in a project-oriented course (internship)

Practicing professionalism is part of AAU students' core DNA. You can benefit from the professionalism and competencies by entering into an collaboration with one or more of our students.

On this page, you will find:
- Knowledge about the scope
- A timeline for the process
- Templates for collaboration agreements
- A guide to writing advertisements for project-oriented courses (internships)
- Information about AAU Jobbank, where you can post your advertisement for free

Benefits of getting an AAU student in a project-oriented course (internship)

At AAU, the period for a project-oriented course (internship) is relatively late in many students' education. It is therefore a professionally competent partner that you and your company have for a period of 3-6 months.

The student becomes part of both everyday life and development in your company.


It starts with a problem

AAU's students possess a high academic level, and basically only the imagination sets limits to what tasks they will be able to solve in your company.

Common to all AAU students is that they are used to identify and solving issues and tasks. This means that you do not necessarily need anything other than a problem or challenge to be solved before an AAU student could be relevant to your business.

Facts about project-oriented courses (internships)

  • The course is typically in the 9th semester - i.e. in the autumn.
  • It typically lasts 3 - 6 months.
  • The student is usually with you 37 hours per week, but it can also be relevant with, e.g., a weekly day off to write an assignment.
  • The focus that the student must have in the project-oriented course (internship) must be related to their education.
  • Most AAU programmes have project-oriented course (internship) but the form may differ. We can help you find out which studies are relevant to you.
  • It is not possible to give the student a salary, but it is good practice to cover any expenses in connection with the course - e.g. transport or rent. It is possible to subsequently give a gratuity - read more (in Danish).
  • We recommend posting advertisements for project-oriented courses (internships) at AAU Jobbank in early spring.

Indicative timeline for an project-oriented course (internship) with an AAU-student:

Tips for a good project oriented course (internship)

How to write

a good advertisement for a project-oriented course (internship)

When you are looking for a student for a project-oriented course (internship), the chance of success is bigger if the job ad is concrete, so that it is easy for the student to understand. We therefore recommend that you include information on all 6 points below.

In order to increase the readability of the job ad, it is also a good idea to divide the text into sections with space between them and insert sub-headings for each section.

Sign up as a potential student collaboration partner

If you would like to collaborate with AAU's students, but perhaps do not have a current need, sign up on our list for student collaboration. We will then reach out to you when we have relevant opportunities for you.

Sign up as a potential student collaboration partner with AAU

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