Cooperate with students at AAU

Enter into a project collaboration with AAU students

Enter into a project collaboration with AAU students

Each semester, several thousand AAU students collaborate with companies on projects. Students are given your case, and, as the project partner, you are given a potential solution to a given problem in your company.

Project collaboration with AAU students will give you:

  • the opportunity to give your company extra resources to solve tasks
  • fresh input regarding current challenges or future projects with potential
  • access to the latest specialised knowledge in a wide range of areas

The cost of project collaboration

Businesses which cooperate with AAU students on projects usually cover the students' costs, including, for instance, expenses for transportation, telephone, copying and postage. Beyond that, however, it costs you nothing except the time spent in cooperating, for instance in briefing the students on the task.

How to do it...

If your company is facing a specific issue that you want AAU students to examine, you can place a free entry in the AAU Job-bank, where it can be seen by all AAU students. You fill out the entry in five steps.

Find your new employee

Find your new employee

If your company is located in Denmark, you can hire a student from AAU as a student worker. This will allow you to deal with tasks which have been set aside due to lack of time or financial resources.

You can also employ a graduate student from the AAU and benefit from the skills and experience that he or she has acquired through activities such as problem based project work (PBL) and collaboration with the business community.

Find your new employee

Take on an AAU student intern

Take on an AAU student intern

Aalborg University can provide you and your company with a student on internship for a period of three to six months. The student will be able to look at your business with new eyes and with disciplinary competence and:

  • be an additional resource in solving the tasks for which there may not normally be time
  • assist in the planning and implementation of large or small projects
  • carry out evaluations and analyses
  • work independently and in teams
  • analyse issues and work on them in local, national and international contexts

How to do it ...

If you want to take on an AAU student intern, it is free to place an entry in the AAU Jobbank, where it will be visible to all AAU students. You fill out the entry in five steps.

A good way to begin cooperating with AAU

If you are interested in cooperating with AAU, for instance in research and development, but you lack resources, a collaboration with AAU students is a good way to start.

Aalborg University students have high disciplinary expertise in their subjects, as well as a wide range of general competencies related to group work and project work. They are therefore equipped to undertake a wide variety of tasks in your business.

Contact AAU

If you would like to learn more about how to get involved in project or internship collaboration with AAU students or are interested in AAU students visiting you, you are welcome to contact:

Tel.: +45 9940 8090