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Aalborg University (AAU) gives you easy access to highly skilled workers who can provide your company with the latest knowledge in a wide range of disciplines. You can find students for student jobs or graduates for full-time jobs. 

Hire an AAU student for a student job

Hire an AAU student for a student job

If your company is located in Denmark, you can hire a student from AAU as a student worker. This will allow you to deal with tasks that have been set aside due to lack of time or financial resources.

Aalborg University's students are:

  • used to solving many types of tasks, both independently and in groups
  • good at coordinating and structuring their work.
  • quick at grasping the essence and summarising and disseminating knowledge
  • accustomed to working with analysis, information retrieval and data processing
  • able to multitask
  • critical thinkers
  • excellent writers

How to do it ...

If you are interested in taking on an AAU student intern, it is free to place an entry in the AAU Jobbank, where it will be visible to all students at Aalborg University. You fill out the entry in five steps.


Meet students & graduates at the Career Fair

Meet students & graduates at the Career Fair

The Career Fair is a major annual event in Aalborg, where local, national and international companies meet and network with students and graduates from Aalborg University and other educational institutions.

At the Career Fair you can:

  • meet potential employees among students and graduates from all AAU fields of study
  • find students for student jobs, internships or project collaboration
  • market a vacancy in your company

How to do it ...

To participate in the Career Fair, you:

  1. Click on (in Danish)
  2. Select the town/towns in which you would like to attend the Career Fair
  3. Select the stall size, advertisement, etc. and then submit your order

Registration is open from June until the Career Fair opens in March.


Hire a graduate from AAU

Hire a graduate from AAU

You can employ a graduate student from AAU and benefit from the skills and experience that he or she has acquired through activities such as problem based learning (PBL) and cooperation with the business community.

Many students cooperate with enterprises in the course of their studies and come up with solutions to real problems faced by the companies. AAU graduates are adept at solving practical tasks in business within a limited time frame.

How to do it ...

To hire an AAU graduate, place a job entry in the AAU Jobbank, where all AAU's students and graduates can see it. You fill out the entry in five steps.

Did you know ...

... that you can enter into a collaboration agreement with AAU so that you can raise your profile for AAU students and graduates – and thus for your potential employees?

Contact AAU

To learn more about recruiting AAU students and graduates or participating in the Career Fair, please feel free to contact:

AAU Match
Tel.: +45 9940 8090