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On this site we will try to answer your frequestly asked questions regarding the COVID-19 situation and how it affects your admission to Aalborg University. Please note that the site will be updated continuously. 

Last update: 6 January 2022

We encourage you to continuously keep updated on the COVID-10 situation, as regulations can change rapidly. 

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    Can I get vaccinated in Denmark?

    You are entitled to free vaccination in Denmark, if:

    • you have a Danish CPR-number.
    • you are temporarily resident in Denmark, but are not covered by health insurance in Denmark.

    Please follow the instructions here

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    About the COVID-19 status in Denmark

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    Can I enter Denmark if I am admitted to Aalborg University?

    As of 27 December 2021, Danish authorities implemented new rules for entering Denmark.

    Most travellers will need to present a negative COVID19 test before being allowed to board their plane/cross the boarder (some exemptions exist).

    Whether you are required to self-isolate upon your arrival in Denmark depends on the country you arrive from and whether you are fully vaccinated or previously infected.

    To find out what applies to you please go to the website of the Danish police and select "Travelling to Denmark".

    If you are not sure how the entry information applies to your specific situation, please don't hesitate to contact the Arrivals Hotline of the Danish police that you'll find on the website of the Danish Police

    The Danish travel restrictions may change before you arrive or during your stay. Please keep yourself updated using the travel guide below and by reading the information on the website of the Danish police.

    Please read more about the travel restrictions when entering Denmark here


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    Can I defer my admission?

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to defer the admission. You need to apply again, when the Application Portal opens in December for the September intake and June for the February intake. However, if you are offered admission and have paid the application fee it is possible to re-use this year application fee receipt for next year’s intake.

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    Will AAU offer online classes?

    We encourage you to contact the study secretary of your programme to hear more about how the Spring 2022 semester will be conducted. 

    Aalborg University is open for students, and all students can participate in lectures and have access to all facilities.

    Read more about the current rules and regulations at Aalborg University


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    My English test has been cancelled - what should I do?

    Please look into the possibility of taking one of the special home tests from IELTS or TOEFL, which we accept for this intake.
    Read more about the language tests

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    When will the February 2022 intake begin?

    The semester start is on 1 February 2022 as scheduled. Our website will be updated with more information about the February 2022 intake when we are closer to semesterstart.


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    I cannot attend the arrival days. How do I get the relevant documents?

    Campus Aalborg

    In January 2022 AAU Admissions Office will host an online arrival session for all new students starting 1 February 2022. You can stay updated about the arrival session here when we are closer to semester start. 

    In January 2022 all relevant documents regarding your arrival to Denmark will be available here. Here you find the information about obtaining a residence permit as a EU citizen, the arrival form, nice-to-know information etc. 

    Campus Copenhagen

    Please find information on Arrival and Welcome here: and please contact the Copenhagen office for local information such as registering registration with Danish Authorities:

    Campus Esbjerg

    Please find information on Arrival and Welcome here: and please contact the Esbjerg office for local information such as registration with Danish Authorities.

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    What should I do if I am infected during my stay in Denmark?

    If you are infected in Denmark you must follow the Danish guidelines which can be found in the link below. 


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    I am from a visa-free country - can I apply for residence permit in DK?

    If you are from a visa-free country (NON-EU) the requirements are the same as usual. Please note that there are certain restrictions and regulations regarding submitting online application and entering to Denmark visa-free. Contact SIRI for more information on this matter.

    read more about visa-free countries

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    Will I have to self-isolate after entering Denmark?

    Please stay updated on the current rules on entering Denmark.

    You can read more here 


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    Can I take a test upon arrival?

    International students can take a test upon arrival even though they do not yet have a Danish CPR-number. 

    Here you find information about how to see your test result. 

    Read more about testing here

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    What are the precautions at Aalborg University?

    It is important that you as a student are aware of the precautions if you have symptoms of COVID-19 or have been infected with COVID-19. You find the precautions at AAU’s website.

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    I cannot join semester start. What should I do?

    If you cannot join semester start, for example because of a delayed residence permit application or self-isolation, you should contact your study secretary.

    You find contact information to your study secretary at

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    Is it required to wear a face mask or shield?

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