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Admission requirements

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    Are you qualified for admission?

    Admission to a Master’s programme – whether it is taught in English or Danish – requires:

    • Successful completion of a relevant and recognised university Bachelor’s degree equivalent to a Danish Bachelor’s degree in level and length (180 ECTS).
    • Successful fulfilment of specific admission requirements related to the relevant Master's degree programme.
    • Successful fulfilment of language requirements, i.e. an AAU approved English test for Master’s programmes taught in English, and a Danish proficiency test (Studieprøven i Dansk) in case a programme is taught in Danish.

    Before a certain deadline you must meet these requirements.

    However, the majority of our programmes have restricted admission due to a limited number of places available. Consequently, meeting the admission requirements does not guarantee an offer of enrolment.

    Each programme states its admission requirements in the academic regulations as well as at the programme specific website

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    Open admission or restricted admission?

    For some of the programmes, admission is highly competitive and the minimum qualifications will not ensure an offer of enrolment. Facts regarding the number of places available, the selection criteria and open or restricted admission are outlined in the text box ‘Application and Requirements’ on the programme specific website.

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    Language requirements

    Master's programmes offered in English at Aalborg University require that your command of the English language is equivalent to level B (Danish level) in English. 

    Applicants applying for Master's programmes must submit the results of one of the below mentioned tests with the required minimum scores – by uploading the test results or receipt confirming that you have signed up for a test to the application portal.

    We do not accept  IELTS and TOEFL tests that are more than 2 years old at the time of the application deadline.

    Minimum requirements – Danish B level in English

    IELTS (academic test): 6.5
    TOEFL (internet-based): 88
    C2 Proficiency (CPE): 180/ level C1
    C1 Advanced (CAE): 180/ grade C
    ECPE: Passed test including certificate

    Valid reasons for exemption from submitting an  English test

    • Applicants with a full (professional) Bachelor’s degree (three years) or Master’s degree (two years) from a Danish educational institution to which a Danish B level in English (‘English B’) was a requirement at the time of admission.
    • Applicants holding an English taught qualifying upper secondary school exam, Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree from USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK or Ireland. (Minimum two years of  the bachelor or master must have taken place in one of the mentioned countries)
    • Applicants holding a Danish, Nordic, German, International Baccalaureate (from the IB diploma programme or European Baccalaureate (from Schola Europaea) qualifying exam with an English level, which the Danish Agency for Higher Education considers equivalent to a Danish B level in English'
    • Applicants who have passed either 'English level B' in upper secondary school in Denmark (minimum average grade 02)
    • Applicants holding a complete Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in English linguistics

    Danish proficiency test – Studieprøven i dansk

    If you are applying for admission to a Danish taught Master’s programme and your qualifying exam was not taught in Danish, you will need to pass the Danish proficiency test ‘Studieprøven i dansk’ or an equivalent test prior to the commencement of studies.

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    Legal claim for admission

    For current AAU students only

    A Bachelor’s degree from Aalborg University gives you a legal claim for admission to the Master's programme which constitutes the natural extension of the subject area of your Bachelor’s degree. The legal claim for admission is only valid in immediate continuation of your Bachelor's programme.

    The legal claim for admission is pursuant to Danish legislation and applies to all Danish universities.

    The curricula and regulations of each Master's programme specify which specific AAU Bachelor’s degrees give legal claim for admission to the Master's programme. Furthermore, the curricula and regulations of each programme specify which other Bachelor’s degrees (obtained at Aalborg University and other universities) may give access to admission to the Master’s programme.

    This information is also available at the specific programme website. Check ‘Admission and Requirements’. 

    Legal claim for admission at your current campus only

    The legal claim for admission to a Master’s programme is limited to the Master’s programme offered at the campus on which you have completed your Bachelor's programme.

    Apply in time

    The legal claim for admission is valid only in immediate continuation of the completion of your Bachelor’s degree at Aalborg University. This means that you must apply in time (within the application deadline) and for the following student intake. If you fail to apply for admission to the Master’s programme immediately after having completed your Bachelor’s degree, you will lose your legal claim for admission. If you apply at a later date, your application will be assessed on equal terms with all other applicants who have no legal claim for admission.

    Accept an offer of admission in time

    Please note that in order to maintain your legal claim for admission, you must accept the offer of admission in time. The deadline for accepting an offered place will appear from your admission letter.

    Legal claim and restricted admission

    Applicants with a legal claim for admission are guaranteed admission to their relevant Master’s programme if they apply in time and accept the offer of admission in time. When applying for admission to study programmes with restricted admission in particular, you must make sure to use your legal claim for admission immediately after having completed your Bachelor’s degree; otherwise you will lose your legal claim for admission.

    Please note that the legal claim for admission applies to the study programme related to your bachelor programme and only to the entire study programme, not to a specific track or specialisation of the programme. 

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    Delayed in completing your Bachelor’s programme?

    For current AAU students only

    Exemption in order to register for subjects at a Master’s programme

    As a general rule, admission to a Master’s programme requires that you have completed your Bachelor's studies. However, if you still need to pass minor parts of your Bachelor's programme at AAU, your study board may grant you exemption from this rule. You must apply for an exemption; and your study board will then assess whether or not you would be able to pass your Bachelor’s programme while attending courses at your Master's programme.

    However, while still being enrolled in and in the process of completing a Bachelor's programme, you must not attend courses and exams exceeding 30 ECTS points at a Master's programme. Thus, you cannot register for courses exceeding 30 ECTS until you have completed your Bachelor's studies.

    Please note that this exemption may only be granted to current students at AAU and is pursuant to Danish legislation.

    When and how to apply for exemption

    Please apply for the exemption simultaneously with your application for admission. In case your delay does not become apparent to you until after the application deadline, please send the application for exemption as soon as possible and no later than 15 August. This deadline also applies if the result of a re-examination in August is not known by 15 August. Apply for exemption by filling out the application form available at this webpage and send it to the Admissions Office.

    Application form


    The Admissions office

    Additional examination attempt?

    If you have not passed all examinations of your Bachelor’s programme and have used up the 3 examination attempts, you must apply for exemption in order to have an additional examination attempt. You must send your application for exemption to your study board.

    SU and delays

    Please note that you will not be entitled to receive SU (the state education grant) for a Master's programme until you have completed your Bachelor’s degree.

    Read more about SU

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    Supplementary courses

    Assessing your application for admission

    As a general rule, only courses that form part of your Bachelor’s degree will be taken into consideration in the assessment of your basis for admission to a Master’s programme.

    Only two particular cases allow for supplementary courses (max 30 ECTS) to be taken into account:

    • Supplementary courses before completing your Bachelor’s degree

    Either supplementary courses have been completed before the completion of your Bachelor’s degree. The supplementary courses should be selected courses from a Bachelor's programme offered as part-time studies. Please upload documentation of the completion of such courses when you apply for admission to the Master’s programme.

    • Supplementary courses as part of your Master’s programme

    Or supplementary courses are completed after you have been granted conditional admission to a Master’s programme at AAU. Aalborg University is responsible for outlining which supplementary courses you may attend. The courses take place during the summer or during the first year of your Master’s programme. The supplementary courses will be selected courses from a Bachelor's programme. The courses will be offered as part-time studies.The courses must be passed within the deadline stipulated in the letter of conditional admission; if you do not pass the courses within the prescribed deadline, you cannot enrol in the Master’s programme/continue the Master's programme.

    Which AAU programmes accept supplementary courses?

    Each study board may decide whether supplementary courses are accepted in order to meet the admission requirements for the study programme in question. Facts on supplementary courses are described in the text box ‘Application and Requirements’ at the website of each programme

    SU and supplementary courses

    A tuition fee will be charged for supplementary courses. SU is not granted for supplementary courses.

questions about the application procedure?

We have gathered some of the frequently asked questions about the application procedure.

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Important deadlines


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