Get an AAU student intern

Practicing professionalism is part of AAU students' core DNA. You can benefit from the professionalism and competencies by entering into an internship with one or more of our students.

Benefits of getting an AAU student on an internship

At AAU, the internship period is relatively late in the students' education. It is therefore a professionally competent partner that you and your company have for a period of 3-6 months.

As an intern in your company, the student becomes part of both everyday life and development.


It starts with a problem

AAU's students possess a high academic level, and basically only the imagination sets limits to what tasks they will be able to solve in your company.

Common to all AAU students is that they are used to identify and solving issues and tasks. This means that you do not necessarily need anything other than a problem or challenge to be solved before an AAU intern could be relevant to your business.


What does it take to have an intern?

You and the student/students together agree on the detailed tasks, circumstances and goals of the collaboration. It is important to align expectations in relation to tasks, learning goals, benefits, duration, working hours, etc.

An AAU intern does not cost any salary, but it is not "free" to have an intern.

  • Make sure that the intern has a contact person in the company who can be a close partner during the internship period.
  • Be prepared for the fact that having an intern requires energy and time.
  • Provide a workplace and the necessary equipment.
  • Involve the intern in the community with the employees.

Remember to inform the intern about insurance conditions - do you have insurance that covers if an accident should occur?

Facts about internships (project-oriented course)

  • The internship is typically in the 9th semester - i.e. in the autumn.
  • An internship typically lasts 3 - 6 months.
  • The trainee usually works 37 hours per week, but it can also be relevant with, e.g., a weekly day off to write an internship assignment.
  • The focus that the student must have in the internship must be related to their education.
  • Most AAU programmes have internships - we can help you find out which studies are relevant to you.
  • It is not possible to give the student a salary, but it is good practice to cover any expenses in connection with the internship - e.g. transport or rent. It is possible to subsequently give a gratuity - read more at SKAT (in Danish).
  • We recommend posting internship advertisements at AAU Jobbank in early spring.

How to get started...

You can place a job advertisement in AAU Jobbank for free, where it will be visible to all AAU students in Aalborg, Esbjerg and Copenhagen.

We recommend posting internship advertisements in early spring.

More ways for you to cooperate with AAU students

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